10% off!


Happy anniversary!

To me, I mean. I released both of my books just about this time in Novembers past. Since it’s no fun celebrating anniversaries all alone,  I thought I’d spread the excitement around a little.

For the rest of the month over at my Bookshop: Print copies of both books are 10% off.

The Fellowship:  use the code FELLOWSHIP18

Go Right: use the code GORIGHT18

The Fellowship tells the story of Bekah, a young woman who learns the truth about the authoritarian church she grew up in. It seems like a niche subject — how many people grew up in a tightly-knit community where the girls always wore long dresses, dating was forbidden, and everybody made jokes about the Bible because it was your only shared culture? But Bekah is struggling against a system where someone has too much authority and no accountability — a system that protects abusers and silences victims. And that’s very relevant in today’s world, from pastors to Hollywood directors to corporate bosses.

Also, you know the Duggar family, right? The happy beautiful TV family whose life maybe isn’t one you’d choose, but it obviously works for them? No, it doesn’t. This novel gives a glimpse inside the world where they live.

Go Right is a much different experience. These short stories are warm, feel-good, and an easy read. They’re about ordinary people with ordinary lives. But sometimes a choice can change a person’s entire day… or life.

(Not that I’m telling you what to do, but Go Right would make a perfect read-over-the-holidays gift for somebody.)

As an independent author, I rely on and deeply appreciate your support. Happy anniversary to us all! Now go save 10%.


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