Blogging was created as a place for former students of Bill Gothard and his homeschooling program, Advanced Training Institute, to thoroughly discuss the damage that we incurred from this man and his ideas. It began as a collection of personal experiences and debunks of his twisted theology. Then the administrators uncovered scandals that neither we nor our parents knew about when Gothard was at his height. At that point, as things became much more serious, the site went dormant. But all of its excellent articles are still available.

I was a periodic contributor to it, as I worked through my own spiritual trauma. Mild as it was compared to others, it was still something I needed to heal from. Here are a few of my pieces:

My series on how the Advanced Training Institute, founded by Bill Gothard, conditioned its followers to accept his toxic teachings

Stolen Dreams

The Brilliance of Bill Gothard

A Legalist Goes Shopping

The Gift of Imagination

Which Is the Culprit?

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