A Review: Written with Grace and Finesse

Carrie over at Reading to Know has reviewed The Fellowship. She was pretty reluctant to read it; after all, a book about this topic (spiritual abuse in a seemingly godly community) at this time (Gothard, Phillips, Driscoll, Duggars…) can’t be anything but an excoriating vendetta in 331 pages, right?

Carrie writes:

I was prepared to be on my guard when reading this book but I should have known that Sara would have me relaxed within just a few chapters. Although the point of the book is clear – to poke holes in a lifestyle of legalism and show its dangers – she does it with grace (har, har) and finesse. …I was hooked on the story of Bekah from the get-go. …Sara tells her story well and with her usual good humor which had me laughing out loud for several minutes once or twice. And again, I heard her arguments as to why there is a great need for those who have grown up in the ATI (or any legalistic) culture to see and understand grace.

I didn’t write a vendetta; I wrote a real story about realistic people. I wrote it so that those who were in a “Fellowship” can see that they were indeed wronged; and so those outside can understand what it’s like to be on the inside.

Check out Carrie’s entire review. And browse around to see what else she’s been reading. You’ll be there a while.

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