Have some coffee… or I’ve got iced tea, do you like sweet or unsweet?… and take a seat. Let’s visit.

If you’re here for my my novel, The Fellowship, and my short story collection, Go Right, you’re in the right place. You can buy directly from me:

Alternatively, The Fellowship and Go Right are also available through Amazon and other online sellers. 

If you’ve come to the blog to see what I have to say, I discuss issues that I write about: Christian authoritarianism, patriarchy, womanhood, recovery from legalism, marriage, coming to terms with racism, common-sense relationships, and just being a good person.

Check under the Writing > Blogging menu above to find links to posts I’ve written elsewhere.

And thanks for dropping in. I hope you’ll stay with me!


5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. This sounds right up my alley. I’ve been struggling to recover from a childhood of ultra conservatism and scarring religion that misconstrued my view of God. I look forward to reading more by you.


    • You’ve got it harder than me. I didn’t get into this world till I was fourteen, so I had other experiences to contrast with it. I hope you stick around. Your perspective will be very helpful. Can I get you sweet tea or unsweet? 🙂

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      • I plan to stick around! 🙂 I’ve been trying to write about my experiences also, but it dredges up painful memories. :/ I’m hoping that writing about it will help me be able to process it all and bring clarity.


  2. Hi Sara, I just finished binge reading your novel last night! I couldn’t believe how similar the experiences were to my growing up and and early married life! I am recovering from a spiritually abusive ministry, as well as family. The fear of being out from under authority was very great and it took a lot for my husband and I to leave. The book reminded me a lot of our group. The girl’s house on campus was a lot like my year of “seminary” experience overseas for a year. Thank you for writing this! I am so happy to be free and living in grace instead of rules and fear. Also, I love your blog. It’s awesome.


    • Thank you, Christy! I tried to write a story that would capture many experiences, not just the group I was familiar with. That fear is almost invisible to outsiders, but so very real.

      I’m glad you’re “out” and rebuilding a life in grace. And glad you took the time to comment here!


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