A Tip for When You Meet an Author

If you read a book you like, and then invite the author for coffee, here’s a tip: Bring a couple of copies to be signed, and then make sure that your nails coordinate with the cover of the book.

Alternatively, if you’re an author, choose a book cover that complements your readers’ unconventional style.


I live for the times I hear from readers. Meeting them is a hundred times better.

Check out her blog here to read the thoughts and experiences of someone who grew up in a real-life Fellowship culture.

Thanks for a fun coffee date, Lady Adelaide. I really do love your nails.

3 thoughts on “A Tip for When You Meet an Author

  1. What a delightful coffee date it was!! Thank you so much, Sara, for your kind words and endorsement! 😊
    My nails shall feel compelled to change color after Thanksgiving, to a more conventional red for the Christmas season. Also, my girls have been begging for a mother-daughter manicure day. And that is something this Fancy Nancy-hearted mom simply finds irresistible. 💅🎄


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